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Our team is constantly observing government updates and public guidelines with respect to COVID-19. Your safety and that of our team is our primary concern at Docks Drive-in and we want to ensure that you have a worry free and relaxed experience. As things stand you will need to stay in your vehicle for the duration of the event, except when using the toilet facilities or in case of emergency. You will see in place, social distancing for both guests and staff, regular cleaning of all facilities, online contactless ordering and payment system for contact-free food and beverage deliveries, as well as socially distanced deliveries. You will also be reminded of the mandatory safety measures via on-screen announcements. 

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience and we have worked hard to design an event which follows government guidelines. Please help us by:

• Not coming to the Docks Drive-in if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (contact us to arrange a ticket exchange).
• Remaining with your car unless you need to use the toilet facilities or in the event of an emergency.
• Respecting the social distancing guidelines and sticking to the designated paths.
• We will continue to monitor Government guidance and if any changes are made that will impact the event, we will inform customers via email or our social media pages. ​


How will you provide a safe environment to allow for social distancing?

We know how important it is to maintain social distancing right now so we’ve made sure the Docks Drive-in is laid out to conform with Government guidelines and ensure we have lots of space for everyone. Cars will be parked with a 2 metre space around them so if you need to get out of your car you will be more than 1 metre away from other guests. We are advising guests to stay in their vehicle during the full experience and to only exit to use the toilets or in case of emergency (see toilet info below).

Entry will be checked by license plate to ensure no interaction between staff and customers is required. However, from time to time we may need to scan the ticket of an arriving car.  All of the procedures we have put in place have been planned with our team of Health and Safety experts to ensure that we can effectively operate a safe experience for all.

booking information

How do I book and purchase tickets?

Click below to view the programme and book your film choice. When purchasing your tickets, you will need to provide the vehicle registration you plan to come in. We plan for minimal contact between us and our customers so your vehicle registration will be checked on arrival. The ticket price is per car.

Click here

What vehicles are NOT permitted?

The following vehicles are not permitted and will be turned away:

  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles or scooters
  • Convertibles without a roof
  • Cars with trailer attachments
  • Minibuses
  • Buses
  • Caravans
  • Motorhomes
  • Long wheelbase vans
  • HGVs

How much are tickets, when are screenings and will it be appropriate for me?

Tickets are £27.50 PER CAR plus a £2.75 booking fee. For more information on the programme, please visit www.docksdrivein.com. Each screening has its own age rating, please ensure you book a film that is suitable for your party. For certified 18, please bring a suitable form of ID. If we find anyone onsite who the film is not suitable for, you may be asked to leave the event. Tickets are available to purchase online only.

Can I bring my child?

Children are permitted at our film showings, but please be aware that they must adhere to the film’s certification and our stewards will check to make sure that all audience members are the suitable age to see the film.  Valid photographic ID will be required for any guest we believe to be under the age certification of the film. The following ID can be used as proof of age: Current Passport, current UK Driver’s License or Provisional License, VALIDATE UK, CitizenCard.

How will I get my ticket?

Tickets will be emailed to you as a Print at Home Ticket. Please ensure you bring these with you either as a printout or on a phone/mobile device and display them on your dashboard as you enter the site. We may need to scan these tickets on arrival.

How many people are allowed in the car?

Ticket prices are for one vehicle and you should not exceed the legal amount of passengers. Two passengers per car will give the occupants optimal viewing.  Please remember, you could be occupying your vehicle for the duration of the film so if it is full you may find it uncomfortable.

Do I need to provide the vehicle registration as part of the ticket purchase?

Yes, you will need to input this information when buying your ticket online as the entry will be done via license plate to minimise staff interaction.

Refunds & what happens if we go into lockdown again and the event can’t take place?

We operate a full refund policy. This means that if any of our film screenings are not able to take place we will refund the ticket price, plus the booking fee, to all customers. We are working with See Tickets, one of the biggest ticket providers in the UK, who sell tickets for many of the biggest festivals and events. Customers can be assured that their money is in safe hands.

docks drive-in - how will it work?

Where is the drive-in venue?

The Linden Club, Clee Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 8QL.

When can I arrive?

Gates will be open 90 minutes prior to the start of the screening to allow an ease of steady traffic into the event. We recommend that you arrive early to get a good parking bay and to take full advantage of the great streetfood available.

Read about our streetfood offering

What will happen on arrival?

On arrival, our team will ensure all social distancing guidelines are adhered to by checking your registration plate and we will, if need be, scan your tickets through the car window. You will then be guided to your parking bay. Please note the number of the space you are given, you will need this to order food and beverages.

Will my vehicle and bags be searched?

The SIA licensed security staff at Docks Drive-in have the right to conduct security searches of vehicles and bags as cars enter the venue.

How close will the next car be to me?

Cars will be spaced to allow for social distancing to take place between the rows so you can easily walk to and from the toilet. The cars will be parked next to each other 2 metres apart like in a carpark so if you do need to leave your car please be aware of people in the car next to you as you leave and return to your vehicle.

How do I get an accessible car parking space?

On arrival, our team will ask whether this is something you need. If so, you will be provided with a pass and our stewards will direct you to an accessible car parking bay near the toilet facilities.

Will I have a good view?

We have set the site up to allow viewing from all cars. Please note, larger vehicles (SUV, 4×4, People Carriers, Vans etc) will be parked in the rearmost rows to allow the best view for all.

Are there height/size restrictions on cars?

There are no height restrictions on cars. However, if you are bringing a large car (SUV, 4×4, People Carriers, Vans etc) note that, for the viewing enjoyment of other customers, you will be directed to the appropriate parking spot towards the rear. Please also note that hightop vans or camper-vans will be placed on the back row to ensure a clear view of the screen for all during their visit to The Docks Drive-in. 

Can I sit outside my car?

The best viewing experience will be from inside your vehicle. We recommend our guests remain inside or stay by their vehicles unless you require the toilet facilities or in the event of an emergency. If you plan to open your windows, we ask for you to open the driver’s side only.

How will I hear the film?

The sound of the film will be transmitted via FM radio straight to your car’s radio. It is essential that you have car radio with the FM band.   If your vehicle is not equipped with an FM radio, or if you are concerned about preserving your car battery, please bring a portable radio. Please note, we will not broadcast on digital radio and smart phone radio apps won’t work because they introduce a delay causing the sound to be off sync with the image.

What happens if I arrive late?

We ask customers to arrive 5 minutes prior to the movie start time.  If you arrive late, you will be placed in the back row.

Are there toilet facilities?

Yes. We have safe distanced toilets and a disabled toilet onsite, with a queuing system and hand washing facilities. There will be additional hand sanitizer stations. The facilities will be cleaned at regular intervals. If you want to bring your own hand sanitizer as well, that would be welcomed.


We have made provision at the Docks Drive-in for vehicles driven or occupied by blue badge-holders.  We have spaces available near the disabled toilet for users with additional needs.  If you require one of these spaces, on arrival, please show the blue badge to a parking steward to show that you require an accessible parking bay. You will be guided to one.  Please note that these accessible spaces are nearer the back of the venue. All other spaces are unsuitable due to uneven ground.  Food and drink will be ordered and paid for contactlessly from your smart-phone.  Service dogs are permitted at the Docks Drive-in.

What do we do with rubbish?

We kindly ask that all guests take their rubbish away with them and do not dispose of it at the event. This helps us operate with a smaller team that allows for increased social distancing and our staff not having to touch the waste. Please be considerate and help us keep the interaction to a minimum.

food & drink

Will food and beverages be available?

Alcohol beverages will not be allowed onsite. However, hot and cold food, as well as soft drinks, low alcohol beer and snacks will be available to buy at the event. Menus will be available online and all orders will be taken and paid for via an online order system.

What does ‘contactless food and drink’ mean?

We have a web page that you access from your smartphone. This allows you to order food and drink via your smartphone for delivery to your vehicle. The orders will be sent straight to our hospitality team and will be delivered by our waiters/waitresses directly to your car, so there is no need to leave your vehicle if you get peckish or fancy a drink.

How can you ensure the food and snacks will be delivered safely?

Our delivery team will bring the food and drink straight from the streetfood and concessions vendors and will place it by your vehicle. You can take the food out of the box and enjoy in the knowledge that everyone who has prepared and delivered your food will be following the strict hygiene procedures in place. No ordering from the food stalls in person will be permitted. Please note, if you order from different vendors it’s possible that not all your food and drink will arrive at the same time. We want to ensure you get the freshest food possible rather than waiting for the whole order to be ready.

Will there be sanitising areas at the event for staff and customers?

We will have hand sanitiser stations outside each toilet location, plus additional hand sanitiser at the catering points. All our staff will receive extensive training around the appropriate safety procedures for maintaining the highest levels of hygiene. This includes regular hand washing, as well as the use of appropriate levels of PPE when preparing, serving and delivering food and beverages.

What else?

What happens if I require assistance?

Simply put on your hazard lights and a member of the team will be with you to assist immediately.

What will happen in bad weather?

The team will endeavour to ensure the screenings take place at all times, even during bad weather. However, we shall continually observe weather conditions and in the event of extreme weather circumstances, you will be contacted.

My battery on my car has drained? Can you help?

Yes! We will have spare jump leads onsite to help.

Can I bring my dog and other animals?

Only service and guide dogs will be allowed onsite.

Am I allowed to smoke?

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is not permitted onsite.

Are there any items I cannot bring to the Docks Drive-in?

The following list of items is prohibited:

Alcohol, own food and drink, fireworks, glass containers or bottles, potential weapons, drones, portable laser equipment including laser pens or any illegal or offensive items. Professional Recording Equipment.

It is illegal to record films at the Docks Drive-in. You may take photos and short videos from mobiles but any professional recording equipment will be removed.

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